SWIT B-Mount Cine Power Solution

B-Mount is a new battery interface standard endorsed by ARRI, support 28.8V high voltage for cine industry, side-loading sturdy connection to cameras, no shaking, no vibration on stabilizer rigs, with ID pins to identify 28.8V or 14.4V, adapting various cine gears in the future.


B-Mount hot-swap plate for Alexa SXT/LF/65, never switching off the camera when changing battery.



B-Mount hot-swap plate for Alexa MINI / MINI LF, 120 seconds countdown display, just need to mount on a new battery before countdown to 0.



290Wh 28.8V B-Mount battery, 250W constant load, 305W peak load, with 2x D-tap of Reg. 16V output, and USB-C 60W in and out, to power laptops, or be charged by USB-C adaptors.



4x 100W Super Fast B-Mount charger, save 60% charging time, 3 hours 50 minutes fully charge 4 of 290Wh B-Mount batteries, with color LCD charging info display.

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